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Исследование платежных сервисов
Наша компания проводит исследования на удобство использования платежных приложений на Ipad и Iphone. Ваше участие в исследовании может помочь улучшить сервисы оплаты.
Исследование будет проходить у нас в офисе. За участие Вы получите денежное вознаграждение.
Для того, чтобы принять участие в исследовании, заполните, пожалуйста, анкету, перейдя по ссылке http://www.surveygizmo.co.uk/s3/587123/Ipad-Iphone . После проверки анкет мы перезвоним отобранным участникам, чтобы договориться о конкретной дате и времени встречи.

How To Save Paper Books
eBooks are threatening to push paper books, (hardcovers, paperbacks, softcovers) into extinction.

This is may not happen if paper books 'catch up' to ebooks, in terms of integrating technology.

Getting started is as simple as gluing a tiny LED light onto the spine of a book. Add a photovoltaic, (solar) cell and viola, you have a next-generation book, powered by renewable energy.

Take this into a higher sphere and you get a book that you can load your own cover art onto, say a journal with your picture on the cover, or a slide show of your friends, whatever. The spines could have scrolling information about the author, or you, or anything at all. Advertisements could be inegrated into the spine-screens. Books could start coming with bonus features that work with your computers, phones, whatever. USB.

The point is that technology may be the light that guides paper books into the future.

From Scotsman.com

Libraries switch on to electronic lending with eBook scheme

Published Date: 02 July 2010
FLICKING through well-thumbed and yellowing paperbacks could soon be a thing of the past as Edinburgh libraries prepare to roll out their first electronic lending scheme.
With so-called eBooks becoming more popular, the city's libraries will soon be offering a wide range of books to download for a short spell.

Library members will be able to access the library catalogue remotely through the new YourLibrary online portal, and when the rental period expires the book will simply disappear from their device. The system removes the need to physically borrow and return books, and the automatic deletion removes the misery of overdue fees.

Full Article Here: http://news.scotsman.com/education/Libraries-switch-on-to-electronic.6397542.jp 

HTML E-Books

Here is some good evidence for possible increase in HTML formatted E-book popularity.

Electrowetting E-Book Technology = Not E-Ink

Brainwave Produced Literature?
Question: Is it possible that in the foreseeable future, it will become possible to produce literature using brainwave capture technology?

Could someone in fact, soon be able to put on an electronic hat of some kind and simply think what they would like to write about and have those words appear on a screen or be synthesized for recording or broadcasting?

Any thoughts on that?

Free E-Zine Download: Nailer Part 1

The new E-Zine God Zombies Vs The Coke Demons is being released as a free download June 23
On July 1st God Zombies... will go on sale with the full length E-Book novel Strato.

Get the free download here: http://briannailer.webs.com/apps/blog

Excerpt: "...A HUGE EXPLOSION vaporized six thousand zombies and Zamble, leader of the Coke-Demon battalion knows as the Zap Squad, high-sixed his teammate on another badass victory.

Meanwhile, back at Cigarettes Bar and Grill, the God Zombies’ stronghold of doom, the ultimate God Zombie king of the universe, Lule, smacked himself in the forehead. “Those coked-out demon bastards!” His voice was like a cough that choked out words one crackle at a time.

He chewed a hole through the soft skin of his knuckle and then stood up with a pissed-off face and scream-coughed, “WTF!”..."


Download: God Zombies Vs The Coke Demons

Format: PDF

Word Count: 1144

Size: Less than 1 Meg